How To Install TabTech Unlock Sim

Product Overview

The TabTech Unlock Sim is used for bypassing the network lock that is placed on a customer’s iPhone by the specific carrier where the iPhone was purchased. Bypassing the carrier lock allows the customer to use any GSM service and/or sim card of their choice.

How It Works

TMSI Exploit

Inserting the TabTech Unlock Sim into your iOS device will activate the TMSI Exploit. Inputting a valid working TMSI unlock sim basically tricks the original carrier of the iPhone into thinking the sim card inserted is from the original carrier, when in fact any GSM sim card can be used. Apple cannot patch the exploit because the menu for editing the sim applications page has to be present in the settings due to carrier specifications.

Safe & Legal

This exploit is relatively safe as it does not release or expose any personal or device information. Not only is it safe but it is also 100% legal. In 2015, the FCC passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice & Wireless Competition Act making it legal for consumers to unlock phones without penalty. This specific unlock does not void your warranty. It requires no iOS software modifications. It activates “no sim restrictions'' status in settings after unlocking. Restarts and iOS updates are ok, the unlock remains!

How To Install TabTech Unlock Sim
 We offer 2 different types of TabTech Unlock Sim cards. Both styles do the same thing, they network unlock your iPhone. Both have the same unlock process after you insert into your iPhone. The only difference is the installation process or how you pair the TabTech Unlock Sim with your new sim card and how it sits in the sim tray. Other than the installation process there is no difference. We offer only the latest and greatest unlock sim technology. TabTech Unlock Sim sources both styles of unlock sim cards to keep a constant supply of TabTech Unlock Sim cards so there is no interruption in the supply and demand chain for you the consumer. Listed below is the proper installation methods for both styles of TabTech Unlock Sim cards. A simple and easy instruction sheet will be sent out with each TabTech Unlock Sim purchased. 

Style #1 Install

*Both Style 1 & 2 will Network Unlock any iPhone Model/Version 6-14


Style #2 Install

*Both Style 1 & 2 will Network Unlock any iPhone Model/Version 6-14


Video Example - Insert the TabTech Unlock Sim in iPhone

 Unlock Process After TabTech Unlock Sim is installed

Official Unlock Instructions


  1. Connect to WiFi & Update iPhone iOS (At Least Check For Update)
  2. Place TabTech Unlock Sim inside Sim Tray & Place New Sim Card Inside TabTech Unlock Sim & Fold Loose End Over Your New Sim
  3. Insert In Sim Tray In iPhone 
  4. Select 5G - Auto Mode
  5. Select Original Carrier of the iPhone (Not The New Sim Card Inserted) -> “Accept”
  6. If You Do Not See Original Carrier of iPhone Select “Input IMSI” & See IMSI List Below
  7. Settings App -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Roaming ON
  8.   ->Set “Network Selection” to AUTOMATIC Network Selection
  9. -> Turn on VOLTE
  10. Wait For Data Signal & Bars To Refresh  

 If you are stuck on the activation screen or “Sim Not Supported” TRY THIS:

    1. Repeat the Steps Above - Connect Device To WiFi & iOS Software MUST BE UPDATED (iOS Beta Not Working)
    2. Please watch the video at the QR Code & Website Link
    3. Take TabTech Unlock Sim out with new sim card and reposition them & insert back in
    4. You MUST turn off or delete your ESim option on your iPhone
    5. Restart The Device (Power off & Back on)
    6. You MUST turn ON data roaming, Settings -> Cellular -> Data Roaming-> On
    7. Network Selection in Settings Must be set to Automatic
    8. If using MetroPCS you must call Metro to add the new iPhone IMEI on your account
    9. If no signal, then go to settings -> Cellular -> Sim Application-> Re-Activate, wait for the device to activate signal.
    10. Turn OFF Automatic Network Selection & Select Network Of New Sim 
    11. After TMSI unlock and your iPhone can't get data, call or anything else, you can try to open Safari and enter & change your mobile sim carrier APN setting
    12. If outside the USA, use VPN app and set server location to USA IP Address
  • Pop-Up Menu only appears once. If you need the menu again, go to phone app & dial “ * “ and then green call button. Dialing "#" will also pop-up menu on some devices. You can also insert old sim/original sim in iPhone & restart. After Reboot take out sim & insert TabTech Unlock Sim paired with new sim.
  • If All Else Fails Please BackUp Device Via iTunes & Factory Reset Device 

    If you cannot find the original carrier of your iPhone on pop-up menu, TRY THIS:

    Select the parent company of the original current iPhone you are choosing to unlock. Example, if you have a Cricket iPhone 13 you need to unlock, select AT&T and continue with unlocking steps. If you do not see the original iPhone carrier listed or you don’t know the parent company please do a google search. All smaller service providers have a parent company. Xfinity is Verizon. Metro is T-Mobile. Do not choose the new sim card or service you are going to use.

    Also try selecting "Input IMSI" at the top of the pop up menu and enter the carrier code from the set of carrier codes below.

    Carrier IMSI Code:

    STRAIGHT TALK: 3114801 | 2040400

    TRACFONE: 3114801

    METRO PCS: 3102600

    CRICKET: 2040400

    VERIZON: 2040400

    T-MOBILE: 3102620 | 3102605

    VIRGIN: 3101200 | 3160101

    WIRELESS ALASKA: 3113700

    SPRINT: 3160101 | 3160100 | 3101200

    AT&T: 3104101

    TOTAL WIRELESS: 3114801

    CONSUMER CELLULAR: 3104101 | 3102620

    BOOST MOBILE: 3160101 | 3160100

    XFINITY: 2040400




    *Unlock process must be done in the U.S. IP address. It means you need to unlock your iPhone in the U.S. (U.S. WiFi) or use U.S. IP VPN when Overseas





    NCK Code Instructions

    The Network (NCK) Unlock Code is what you will need to sim unlock your device. Power off your device. Input a sim card NOT from the original carrier. Power it on. Wait for the unlock pin option to pop up. Input NCK code. Unlocked for worldwide use!

    *If no unlock pin prompt shows up go to settings app -> connections -> more connection settings -> network unlock -> input NCK code

    *Another way to force network unlock code: Dial #7465625*638*# in your phone app and select the green call button. You can the input the network unlock code.

    *If all the above steps above fail please backup your device, info, pictures and all app information. Factory Reset your device. After factory reset turn off device and put foreign sim card in. Turn device back on and unlock code input should appear. Restore device.